Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Reality, Schmality

I'm not a big fan of Reality television. I generally have a hard time watching people make total and complete fools of themselves. Honestly, I have a hard enough time dealing with people and their "issues" in real life. I don't find it entertaining to sit and watch people destroy their life, and the constant rambling drives me crazy. Sometimes, there's one that is a train wreck and I just have to keep watching (generally it's because there isn't anything else on.) Tonight, I'm riveted to the show "Moment of Truth." It's one of those train wreck shows.

When the choice is between a relatively large sum of money and your relationship with your family members, your marriage, your job, I have to wonder if that sum of money is worth it. And apparently this person feels that either her marriage can withstand this onslaught, or that the money is more important. I'm watching this woman emotionally wound her husband for $100,000. I'm not sure that any amount of money is worth causing that amount of pain and discomfort to any of my family members, but especially not to my husband or children. And someday, her children will see this episode and she will have to explain this to them. And while the high of $100,000 will get them through for a while, someday that money will be gone, and they will have to live with the fall out of that time. I'm just happy that she was smart to not gamble any further, and to be responsible with the money she did earn.

I really do think that reality TV brings out the worst in people. People may go into their participation saying they're doing it for the right reasons, but somehow, that all goes out the window in the "heat of the moment." I'm not saying all reality TV shows are bad. Some do great things for people (The Biggest Loser comes to mind), and some are truly just mindless entertainment (American Idol). Some don't even seem so much like Reality TV as much as scripted soap operas after awhile (the majority of the shows on VH1 or MTV).

So when my kids ask if we can watch Food Network, I sigh a little in relief.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Mama. I saw the trailer for that and thought, seriously, it's gone too far. I watch my beloved Project Runway, but that's pretty much it for me now. Give me a well-written drama anyday. The people are way prettier.

The Immoral Matriarch said...

I want to say I'm not a big fan but I love a good deal of them. LOL.