Thursday, March 20, 2008

Love Thursday #3

Tonight was my night out with friends. It's a game night, but it's really about talking and eating. I Love this group. I always come home feeling so much better about so many things. They like the things I like, they have kids around the same age as mine (or mom and mil are part of this too. Actually, so is my sil. Funny.) Anyway, it's just a good couple of hours. And after almost 9 years, I'm glad I still have it to go to each month.

I also love that I have the day off of work tomorrow. I'm so ready to sleep in.

Happy Love Thursday everyone. I'll see you well after the sun rises tomorrow.


Mrs. Wilson said...

I finally came to visit you! I hope you're enjoying your bag!

Those easter eggs below look wonderful, I'm always too lazy to do those with my kids!

Faye said...

Ah you brought back memories of how much I loved Thursday night before retiring. It was the official start of the week-end because we only had to work a half day on Friday. Now every day can be Thursday--or whatever.