Sunday, January 27, 2008

Things overheard

Melts my heart
Monster to Daddy "your my bestest buddy, Daddy."

Monster to his sisters "I just wuv you guys sooooo hug!"

Makes me smile
Monster received some large, white and black fake money in the goody bag from a birthday party last weekend. He told me he was going to sell it to get more money. One of his sisters pointed out it's fake. "It's FAKE???!!??" he cries.

Makes me believe in magic
Monster's telling me about his friend, Dragon. "He has lots of cool his own radio station, and he let's me go there with him. He's an awesome friend mama."

Are we in Sunday School or Social Studies?
We are talking about Moses in Sunday School. One of the boys was trying to impress us with his knowledge, and told us about Moses and the tablets. Another boy said, "oh yeah, that was the ten Commendments."

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