Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Just a Spoonful of Sugar

I had a relative that used to drive me crazy (I know...but bear with me here). She would always tell little ones that she could "just eat you up with a spoon." That grated as much as being called "cute" as a teenager. But since having my son, I understand what she meant. He is just so sweet, and seeing as how you scoop sugar by the spoonful, the saying makes sense.

This morning, I asked PB what she had for breakfast yesterday morning (she chose to eat at the Youth Center instead of finding something at home). She answered toast, and I asked if that was all. Turns out that breakfast was cheese toast yesterday (not a fan of that, that one.) The Monster pipes up..."I had that too. It was so yummy. mmmm good cheese toast. I ate mine all gone. It's just so yummy." all while rubbing his tummy and throwing in a few lip smacks. Silence for about 2 minutes...and then he begins again with his description.

I would say that cheese toast is high on his list of foods, but the problem is, most things are. There are very few foods that the Monster just won't eat. He hates squash, but still takes his "try-me" bite every time we have it, and has even started claiming it isn't too bad. I worry about when he grows a bit more...I see my grocery bill tripling and the runs to the grocery store becoming more frequent.

He's also exploring his career opportunities lately. Apparently, he isn't content with deciding what he wants to be when he grows up. He has jobs already. Somedays, he is the "doorman" at the youth center (complete with a story about his break and who's coming through the door...etc). Other days he's the "rocket ship builder." Yesterday, I came out and watched them play for a bit on the playground at "school" (please do not call it daycare...he will kill you). It's so funny to watch the kids play at this age. He finally spotted me, and came running over, proclaiming " I got a new job today Mama! I'm in charge of the gym. I have to open it in the morning, and close it at night!" I asked where the gym he worked at was located. He pointed to the empty corner of the play area and pronounced "Right there! Isn't it cool!?"

I will really miss this stage when he outgrows it. We have dinosaurs and dragons and tigers and lions and giraffes and snakes and robots and who knows what else living with us. If all of his imaginary friends and animals were real, we wouldn't be able to live in this state let alone this town or house. And every day, he reminds to look for the wonder in the world.

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Erin said...

I have those moments with Emily (my oldest) where I just have to scoop her up and smooch on her because she is just so darn cute and sweet and funny and ... it overwhelms me. Fortunately, she still thinks it's funny, so I can give in to my whims. :)