Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Craziness...Day 2

Today it was back to work. It went pretty well. I think I'll enjoy a 3 day work week. Unfortunately, there's a lot to cram into that work week, including a jaunt to the base to get a new ID card, and a trip to the docter for Princess Bear. She has had a nagging cough for several days, and I was hoping that a few nebulizer treatments would take care of it, but it's getting worse.

I had lunch with mom today. It was nice being able to do that...we haven't been able to for so many years.

My mom bought both the girls American Girl dolls for Christmas. The Bug got an older Samantha doll from her mom, and a new one from my mom. The look of joy on her face when she opened it today was priceless. The sqealing and screaming was the girliest I've seen her in a while. When PB opened her Joesphina doll on Christmas, she snuggled with the box for 30 minutes until we could safely remove it from her hands and take her out. I'm hoping to take them to the American Girl store in New York sometime this year. I think it could be an awesome fun trip for all of us...there are other places I want to take both the girls and the Monster.

All three of the kids got Ipod shuffles this year, each a different color. The monster is totally attached to his...last night he was dancing around in his tshirt and underwear, looking like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. I could watch him for hours, he's such a ham. He didn't want to take it off for school today...he could listen to music for hours.

On Christmas morning, he got his Ipod one gift before PB. The look of disappointment and anger on her face was so stinking funny. She was so sure that he was getting one and she wasn't. Then hers came next...a shiny green (her new favorite color) and she about jumped out of her skin with excitement. Sometimes, suprises happen when you don't plan them, and that was one of those instances.

All in all, we had a very good Holiday. We spent a lot of time in our home, just hanging out and being together. The perfect Holiday vacation.

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