Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year Part 2

I've totally lost my mind. I signed up for the 365 challenge...blog every day. Let's see if I make it through January. I've wanted to get myself motivated, so here it goes.

I updated the blogroll some, but look for it to really be renovated soon. I'm also looking into web design class...I want to learn how to code this website and make it what I want. I think I can get one paid for through work, but I have to work on that aspect.

This is the year of me apparently. My hubby bought me a brand new laptop for Christmas. Not one to share, but all my own. It's very pretty and shiny and I love it. Hopefully that will make posting easier. My mom and grandma signed me up for a quilting class I wanted to attend. And I've joined a stamp club that will meet once a month. I know my hubby is going to be away a lot over the next year, and I'm looking at this as a way of making sure I get some breaks.

I made some really cute things for Christmas this year, and I hope to share a few on here in the coming days. I've also signed up for Fun Monday. Who knows what else I may decide to do...gotta get those posts out somehow!

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I've always wanted to learn how to do that.