Monday, June 22, 2009


Maybe it's the time of year.  School is ending, activities are ending, dreary days are giving way to hot and sunny days (hey, I can dream here, right?), but tonight?  The endings are sad.

First, I read this.  I read Sweetney pretty regularly, but wouldn't even begin to claim to know her life.  But this made my heart hurt.  And then I watched Jon & Kate + 8 tonight.  And yes, I knew last week when I started seeing the previews exactly what the announcement was going to be.  But that didn't stop me from watching.  Because I needed to see how they handled it.  I needed to see what they told the kids.  I needed to see it.  And it made my stomach hurt, and my heart hurt.  But most importantly, it made me appreciate what I do have even more.  It all does.

It's so much easier to handle divorce, separations, whatever, when one party is wrong.  When one person is abusive, cheating, etc.  Everyone loves to chear against the villian.  It's so much harder when the together just isn't right.  When the feelings for each other are still there, but something is still missing.  When there is no villian.  Those are the situations that always make me long for a magic wand, a way to make that something right.  To erase the pain caused by doing what you think is the right thing.

As I said before, these are two people hurting, with the whole world watching.  And while Sweetney doesn't have quite the audience they do, she still has an audience.  Tonight I pray for peace for all the parties involved in these situations. 

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