Friday, June 05, 2009

Upon Leaving Kindergarten

Monster "graduates" from Kindergarten today.  Technically, his last day of school is next Thursday, but we have a field trip on Monday, and the 5th graders graduate on Tuesday (which means PB will be getting her post next, and the rest of the week is half days.  So today is the day.

I have such mixed emotions about this day.  I'm proud of all that he has accomplished this year, and at how well he's adapted to school.  I worried last summer if he would be able to listen, sit still, not drive the teacher mad.  But he does sit still, and he listens.  At one point, I wondered if he would ever learn his "letters" or to read. He's reading to me now.  He's grown physically as well, and no longer is he my baby...he's all boy now.

But some things haven't changed.  He still lives each day with gusto.  Every thing is exciting (except the American Girl store in, and we have to run every where we go.  His imagination is vibrant, and he still shares his make believe world with me.  We have cuddle sessions every day, and he's constantly hugging and kissing everyone in his family.

Next year he will go to school all day, eat lunch in the cafeteria, and start having gym and music and art.  He'll have homework, and he'll learn so much more.  I just hope that he stays my little boy for a bit longer.

Update - Yay for me.  I didn't cry once. 

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