Monday, April 27, 2009

What happened to Spring?

We often joke in the Mid-Atlantic that we don't relly have Spring...but we normally have at least a few nice days between the bitter cold and Africa Hot weather.  Apparently Mother Nature is going through the change and is having major hot flashes.  It was in the 40's/50's for the highs through last Thursday, and then in the 90's this weekend.  That is almost double the temperature.  It has been insane, but it's supposed to be a short lived 4 day streak, with thunderstorms and lower temps (woo hoo 60's) coming Wed.  So far I've refrained from turning on the AC, and this morning it was downright pleasant for sleeping, but tonight it's back to the oven.  Thank goodness we have a nice, cool basement we can hide in.  Play area, tv, craft area and table for the laptop.  We even ate dinner down there (leftovers heated in the microwave, then water ice cups...not the healthiest, but it's too hot to cook.)

This is a busy week here (they all are, but this is worse than usual.)  Tomorrow, PB has her Maypole parent's dress rehearsal night and Monster has Martial Arts.  Thank goodness for family.  Wednesday I have to meet Monster's Title One Teacher for Reading (about stinking time) and Thursday?  I think we might actually be free.  But Friday night we have another Maypole practice, and a cookie/cake decorating class, then Saturday is the festival with parade (which I believe both children will be walking in...which mean I'm walking as well and Maypole, I'm going out for my birthday with friends and the kids are getting individual time with the mother and mother-in-law (divide and conquer is the theme here.) Sunday is my birthday, and PB has to play bells at early service for church.  Then lunch/dinner with the whole fam.  Whew, I need a nap just thinking about all of that.

Is school out yet?  I'm ready for summer break.

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