Thursday, April 02, 2009

7 days - in pictures

I'm participating in the 7 days run again this spring...and it's been fun!  Here's my shots so far.

Day 1
I was running all day Sat. and had originally planned a shot with my son in the mirror during martial arts.  But I didn't sit in the right spot, and I was running late, and I forgot.  So this is me kicked back that night.
Day 2

My hubby sent me flowers a couple of weeks ago, and these are the ones that were still alive, with a few daffodils added in.  The theme this day was Yellow.
Day 3
My son did such a great job Saturday that I promised him a new uniform.  Here I am hemming it by 5 inches so he can where it the next day.
Day 4
I was working very hard trying to get our paperwork organized and some general straightening done.
Day 5
Today's theme was fool.  I ran into the wall and dropped my ice.  Seems like a clumsy fool to me.
Day  6
And this is today's.  I'm sick, and I was contemplating a mikshake.  Too much work, so I had ice cream in a bowl instead.
Tomorrow's special shot will be a picture with my hubby...who will be home for his two week R/R.  YAYAYAYAYAYAAY!

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