Friday, February 20, 2009

Manic much?

I know, it's been a little light on the posting around here lately.  I'm sorry.  I'm too manic.

I can't seem to find the balance.  I'm either sound asleep constantly, or moving, moving, moving.  There just doesn't seem to be too much time left to just sit, let alone post.  And the bad part is, there's still a long list of things I need to do.  Very long.  Some of them kind of important.

But when I think about those things, I get tired again.  And I pass out.  Then I wake up and go 100 miles and hour, until I can't.  Then I pass out again. 

I know, this too will pass.  It's not just my hubby being gone, but the stress of the economy.  Talk revolves around our budget deficit every day.  We are half expecting the Governor to drop by one day.  Actually, he did drop by one of the State Police Troops recently.  They made an announcement...."The Governor is coming to use the facilities.  Please prepare."  Seriously, you had to be that in depth?  Poor guy, no privacy left.

Okay. that sleep thing again.  Tomorrow is another day.

1. Teaching First Aid/CPR.  I love teaching/training.  And people want to be in this class.
2. Cold medicines
3. A cleaning lady.  I love coming home to a house that is clean.  It makes my soul sing.  And without her?  That manic state would be upped several notches.  I never worry that my toilets aren't clean enough anymore.
4. French Fries with Old Bay Seasoning.
5. My hubby, who doesn't let a day go by without telling me he loves me, even when he's half a world away.


CityStreams said...

You are totally allowed to be manic when you're single momming it. On Hubster's working weekends, nary a thing gets done around here.

I'm feeling especially vocabulicious today! Pulling out words like nary and momming. Hee hee!

Do NOT beat yourself up. That's an order!

beth - total mom haircut said...

Finding balance is hard for all of us, but I imagine everyone would find your situation to be that much more difficult.

Those are some great things to be grateful for though.

And thanks for stopping by my blog:)