Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lots of little things, all rolled up in one

I have a few things I want to share, but don't feel like making them all up into various blog posts, so here we go. 

1.  There's one of those search your name on google with a word things going around.  You put "unfortunately (your name)" in the search.  I usually don't get interesting hits, but this one cracks me up.
"Unfortunately, mamalangs diabolical plan isn’t enough to save her ass from getting killed." (of course, this has my real name, but you get the idea.  Cracks me up.  I wish I could come up with a diabolical plan. (GiST 1...finding funny things out that I didn't know about myself.)

2. Yesterday, when we were leaving the youth center, one of my sons classmates was having a complete meltdown in front of the building.  It involved much yelling, screaming, and eventually her mother throwing her her shoulder and carrying her to car.  I looked over at PB and said "Oh look, she's having one of your meltdowns!"  She chuckled, and then said, "hey, I haven't had one of those in a while.  I'm getting better!"  I should hope so.  You're 10.  I remember those days.  Sometimes I wish I could still just pick her up and carry her off.  (GiST 2...PB finally maturing enough to know when to admit her faults and chuckle over them.)

3. Tonight we went out to eat.  After I put the kids to bed, I wanted to pay a couple of bills (well, I didn't want to, but you know...) and realized I couldn't find my debit card.  A quick call to the restaurant confirmed I left it there.  Thank Goodness. Every Wed I seem to forget something somewhere.  Perhaps I should just stop leaving the house on Wed. (GiST 3...I can get it back tomorrow, and could still pay the bill)

4. This website...Portraits of an Economy, started by Rebecca of Girls Gone Child, will make you cry, chuckle and say uh huh.  (GiST 4... I still have a job, and my husbands job is one of the most secure in the country right now.  We are still okay.  We bought a house with a normal 30 year mortgage, and the houses in our subidivision my take a long time to sell, but they are holding their value...and we don't plan on selling for at least 10-15 years anyway, so we'll be fine by then.)

5. Today my inner biotch came out.  I wasn't mad or cranky or sad, just bitchy.  I could not make my inner monologue come back on.  I know you really wanted to go to the conference in San Diego.  But you have a job, so stop your complaining.  You really want to go?  Pay your own way. (GiST 5...the people that work for me laughed at me a bunch today, making me laugh at myself.  It kept the actually out loud bitchiness to a minimum.)

I'm sure there's more, but this is it for now.  Peace out.

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