Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Guess what? I finally figured how to post to my blog from my touch! Isn't it nice of the realtor next door to my mom's dr to provide us wireless access? That's a big deal in my Podunk town... LOL

So, we are drowning in snow. Well not drowning yet... That will come this weekend when the warmer weather and rain come to melt the metric but load of snow ( and yes, I understand that one foot isn't that much. But my husbands deployed, remember? And we don't normally get much snow any way.) I shoveled my drive this morning, after I was sure the snow was done falling. Why is the person that never shovels snow the one that always chooses the snow shovel? Even when he's stateside, I end up shoveling because he gets called out. Is anyone else overwhelmingly ready for spring, or us it just me?

We "updated" on's room this weekend.
More about that coming up, when I can upload the pics. Back to my games:)

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BeachMama said...

If it makes you feel any better about your snow, we had about six times that amount over the winter. Although we have less than that right now (except from where we shoveled the drive) I feel your pain and am soooo ready for Spring.