Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm so sick of winter

I'm not a big winter fan.  I'm cold in the summer a lot, so winter doesn't do it for me.  Snow is pretty, but then you have to go out in it, and that bites.  It doesn't snow that much here, so it usually isn't really worth getting all the paraphanalia...we tend to make do with layers when it does.  I hate boots made for snow, so I only wear them when absolutely necessary.  That means I end up with wet feet (my own fault, I know). 

It started snowing sometime very early Tuesday morning.  It snowed all day Tuesday. I brought the kids home after work and sent them out to play.  At some point late last night, it became sleet/freezing rain.  So, no school today, and a delay for me.  Shoveling icy snow on a slanted driveway, trying not to fall on my butt.  Trying to avoid the splotches of ice and slush.  Then it turned to rain this afternoon.  It poured when it was time to go get the kids.  My feet were soaked, my legs were soaked.  And it was a cold rain.  Yuck.  Now I'm praying that it doesn't turn our development and driveway into a skating rink tomorrow morning, cause the main roads will be cleared and we'll be expected to go to work.

I'm ready for spring.  I'm ready for my flowers, to dig my hands into the dirt.  I want to sit on my front porch and watch the neighbors pass by.  I want to work on my back porch.  I'm ready.

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Lost In Splendor said...

Oh how I loathe Winter. It's horrible. All winter long my mind if full of images of warmth.

Spring can never ever get here too soon.