Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kids say, edition 2?

My kids crack me up on a daily basis. Here are a few things they've said/done recently that made me chuckle out loud.

PB to Monster - How can you forget Valentine's Day? It's such a pink, lovable holiday.

Whenever my husband finds some disaster the Monster has wrought, he calls him by yelling "BOY!". Last night, we were discussing how Monster wanted to use daddy's tools to make our car be able to change form, like a transformer. I mentioned that if he tried to get near the cars with daddy's tools, he would come over from Iraq to beat his butt. Monster thought on this for a bit, then commented "we couldn't transform when daddy was with us, cause then he would know that I used his tools, and he would say "BOOOOOYYYY!!"

This morning, I got out of the shower to find the boy standing there. "Mama, I set out your clothes for you, including the necklace I made for you when I was just a baby." He had chosen a pair of olive Khakis, a flannel plaid Tigger nightgown, a bra and a pair of underwear. I have to give him credit for remembering everything, and for trying to take care of his mama.

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CityStreams said...

OMGSH- Did you actually wear the outfit? If so I want to see pictures. That sounds hilarious!