Monday, January 05, 2009

I am still alive

I'm sorry I haven't been a very good blog citizen the last two weeks.  It started because I was busy...this single parent gig sucks at the Holidays.  And then it just felt okay to ignore the computer for the most part.  But I've been around.  And I have a few things to post about.  Today's topic seems to be a popular one lately...New Year's being about changes and resolutions.

Heather at Oh My Stinkin Heck has removed her blog.  I'm not going to say that it was a was a surprise that she was removing it all together, but I've felt that blogging was becoming a chore for her lately.  I'm glad that she was able to make the right decision for her, but, wow, will I miss her blog.

Several other people have posted in the last few days about cutting down on screen time.  I signed up for Blog 365 in 2008, and I think I almost managed to make it.  I'm not that crazy this year.  That year was helpful, it helped me really think about my blog.  But I know I need to be able to not post, and it be okay.

I'm also going to admit something here...I spend way too much time online at work.  It's sort of become like an addiction, and I have to stop it.  That is my one's not a New Year's one...I made it before the Holidays.  I just knew that I wouldn't actually be starting it until after my Holiday vacation, and so tomorrow, it begins.

I have lots of other topics to right were our Holidays, what I've read and watched, rearranging and mild remodeling of our house.  Be patient dear reader, it will come.  I swear.


CityStreams said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I didn't realize that you had a blog. I've added you to my RSS feed so that I don't lose track of you :o)

~moe~ said...

Take your time. :) We'll be here.

Thinking of you.