Saturday, December 13, 2008

First tree up, but soon to come down.

All day yesterday, as I was feeling so grumpy, I tried to remember to count my blessings. And I know that I have a good life, but sometimes, it all gets to be too much.
I've hinted in the last couple of posts that I had to decorate a tree that wasn't mine and my hosue. I've mentioned my game night before and Thursday night was the time for our Christmas one. The lady that was hostess this month is in the middle of remodeling her house...which means it's not in any state for her to host, so I offered her the use of my house. And then I remembered that meant I have to put up a tree.
My sons birthday is next Tuesday. We've never really been ones to get our tree too early anyway, but when I had him we decided not to get our tree until after his birthday. My husbands birthday is the 27th, so he appreciates what it's like to have a birthday so close to Christmas.
So back to my epiphany. I asked my mom if she could lend me her tree. It's not a very big tree, but I knew I could make it look cute and work. And boy did I...
I chose to go with a color theme, using all lighter green and red ornaments with white lights.  Everyone loved it, and it did the trick.  And I'm enjoying it, as are the kids.  Unfortunately, we have to give the tree back to my mom and replace it with our "real" tree next weekend :)
But I totally think I need one of these for our's not very big in there, and this would help make the space even more festive.

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