Tuesday, December 16, 2008


My Monster turned 6 today.  I can't believe my baby is so big.  Soon he will be a full blown kid, no longer my baby.

His party was last Saturday, and he had a Martial Arts Party.  It was a blast...it was the first birthday party I've ever gone to that I wasn't exhausted when it was over.  His friends all had a blast, and the cake and pizza was all gone when it was over.  We played a game that you had to kick a balloon from one end to the other, using only your feet.  If your balloon hit the ground, you were out.  It was hard, but it was fun, and even the adults participated.

Today is his actual birthday.  We are celebrating with cupcakes at school, and dinner, gifts and desert with the whole family tonight.  His chosen menu is Hamburgers, French Fries, Mac and Cheese and Cucumbers.  I've purchased some cupcakes and a Strawberry pie that looks like it's made from ice cream.  He even has a gift and card from his daddy to open.  I know he misses his daddy more on days like today, but he will be surrounded by his family that loves him, and that will help.

Santa is coming through our development on a fire truck tonight...and he's going to call Monster by his name and tell him Happy Birthday.  He is going to lose his mind.  I can't wait.

I love you little boy.  You are a great source of love and joy.  Your imagination and empathetic nature make my heart almost burst with love every day.  I pray you never lose those traits.  Happy Birthday, big boy!

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Monster! 6 rocks!