Friday, December 05, 2008

Family Love

I went to the doctor today, and as I suspected, I have a sinus infection. I slept the afternoon away, and I'm heading that way again shortly.

PB had her choir concert tonight. I love going and seeing the elementary kids perform. It's so funny to see them all dressed up and still being children. They did a wonderful job, and PB managed to deliver her speaking part perfectly.

My SIL and her step-son (so my nephew, right?) came as well as the grandmothers and grandpa. He is one year younger than PB and just came to live with his dad at Thanksgiving. So far he's fitting in well. He's enjoyed his first week of school, and is loving that he has cousins here to hang with. Monster went over last weekend to spend the night, and he was in heaven. It's great that he has a family member that can also be a friend.

I love my family...not just my kids and husband, but the whole group. They really care about us, and they aren't afraid to show it. I was flustered by the time we got there, and they took over Monster, and left me to do what I needed to get done. It was much appreciated.

I didn't do Love Thursday this week, and I haven't listed my blessings lately. So here they are...I am blessed with an awesome family.

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