Sunday, December 14, 2008

The best darn pagent ever...sort of.

Today our services at church were led by our youth. I love these services...they are refreshing and entertaining.

We have a youth handbell choir that PB participates in (as does Bug when she's here). (When DDS and I were engaged we joined the handbell choir for this church...then became members. We stayed active in it for a few years, and then kids and such required us to take a break...and I haven't made it back yet. Maybe next year.) I love handbells. The whole group makes up one instrument, requiring that they work together to make the music. It's a good entrance into music, as you are generally only responsible for one or two bells (notes) to start with. And they just sound so pretty.

There is a great Ring -A-Story called Twinkle and the Bethlehem Star. It tells the story of the three kings, through the eyes of Twinkle, an escort for the Bethlehem star. This is the sermon for this service. In addition to the bells, we have children from the church act out the story. Monster was a sheep last year, and he was adamant that he wouldn't be again this year. To quote my sweet boy "I looked ridiculous, and I won't be a sheep again." So, he got to be a king this year. And what a cute little king he was.
They also acted out parts and sang songs before the sermon. My son was right next to the microphone, singing loudly into it. If he forgot the words, he just "ahhhed" his way through it. He made me laugh, but I'm glad he is so brave, so unafraid.
Lest you think I don't appreciate PB's part in this, she (and the rest of the handbell choir) did an awesome job. But I was very busy videotaping, and between services she was very busy hanging out with her friends, so I missed out on a photo of her.
It was a long day, but both services were awesome, and our kids did a great job.
Oh, and I totally made that crown (and two more just like it) using Jessica's Tutorial. Unfortunately, there was no wool felt in our one measley fabric store (the chain one, that's it. Yuck), so its crappy felt, but it did the trick.

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