Friday, March 16, 2007

Work in progress

I have a confession to make. I'm one of those people. The ones that start a million different projects and those projects lay around in various states of completion (but not completed.) Then one day, some bug hits me, and I start to finsh a few of them. But then I start 10 more for every few that I finish. The worst of these projects? My letters, cards and journals.

I've mentioned here before that I love to write. I love words, and how they create stories and shared feelings and all the good and bad of life. And as such, I've always dreamed of keeping a journal, writing long letters to my friends, etc. But then real life intrudes, and minutes become hours become days become weeks. And I stumble across that journal, that letter, that card, and remember that I was going to finish it. But now, what was so urgent and important to say 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years isn't so urgent or important anymore. So I don't want to burden myself with writing to my journal to tell myself how it's all resolved. And I don't want to burden my friends with stories that now seem so predictable, finished, unimportant. So I end up with lots of journals that have just a few entries. Half written letters that never get sent.

And unfortunately, this blog has become like those journals and letters. Something I want to share, something I want to write on, something that seems important to me. And a complete lack of available subjects isn't helping. I'm struggling with that demon that all bloggers tend to struggle with at some point. I want to remain anonymous as much as possible, but want to share and grow as well. I'm still working on that balance. And my new quarter resolutions (I've decided that since April is the beginning of a new quarter of the year, I'm going to re-resolve) is to be more involved in my blog.

As far as those letters go, I'm glad that Girl Con Queso has given me permission to write the long emails instead of the long letters. According to number one on this list, they are just as good as long letters, and I don't have to remember to stamp and mail them. So watch your inboxes!

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Jenn said...

I've published a couple of letters on my blog, and it does actually have some sense of resolve to it, even though I know the person I'm writing them to won't ever read it. I think we all go through spurts with our blogs; I just find that mine coincide also with how communicative I am with everyone around me,not just my internet friends.