Friday, March 02, 2007

Oh What a Beautiful...

I love to look at pretty things. I know, not a big surprise, most people do. But my real weakness is pretty stuff. You know, office supplies that aren't really necessary, serving dishes that you have to invent reasons to use, artwork that you just can't find the right place for. Luckily, we've been pretty much broke most of my married life, so my ability to buy more and more stuff has been very limited.

One of my favorite blogs is Design Mom. She has the coolest stuff on there. I can enjoy it, and if I really love it, I can click on the link to look at the vendor's website. I love that I can look at the pretty things with no temptation to buy it. But THE BEST part of Design Mom is her Giveaways. So simple, really. You leave a comment on that post and someone at random wins that item...and ohhhhhhh the items she chooses. I was the lucky recipient of the Valentine's Day card from Handsome Devil Press. I loved that card so was the perfect card for my hubby from me. And today is your lucky day, because she's in the midst of one of those giveaways today. And I would kill for what she is giving away. It's one of the most beautiful pieces of stuff I've ever seen. So much so that I looked at prices. I know what number 1 is on my birthday list now.

Go. look...what are you still doing here? There's free stuff to be had!


theflyingmum said...

Holy smokes! Thanks for the link to the Design Mom. I am so sharing this over at my blog. I am too, too sorry that I am 3 days too late to win that platter!
By the way, I have been meaning to find my way back here - I visited last December, and then couldn't remember your blog moniker. I finally remembered that you left a comment on one of my December posts and linked back to you thusly!
Now I'll have you bookmarked in order to find you in a less round-about way.

Jenn said...

Free stuff? I'm there. And there wasn't even one of those annoying stars after "free" that indicates that by free, you need to purchase 10 things and give out your e-mail to 100 different spammers, then wait 10 weeks for your free item to arrive.