Wednesday, March 21, 2007

oh the horror

I am sick. I started feeling a little bad Monday night, and by yesterday afternoon I had to face facts and go see the doctor. Their diagnosis...bronchitis. This seriously developed from a little sniffle and cough to full blown in less than 24 sucky is that? Of course I mentioned that my husband is away, and thank goodness my mom moved here. She's been such a blessing, coming and taking care of my kids, getting them to school, and everything else. I am so lucky! Of course, I'll feel a lot luckier when I feel better.

I was just given a promotion at work, and will be starting my new job the week after next. It is crazy busy this time of year after the Holiday lull, and trying to tie up loose ends and prepare to move up (and into a smaller cubicle, how crazy is that? has kept me swamped. Hopefully I'll be finding some blogging inspiration soon...cause I miss it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mamalang-
Hoping you feel better soon!

Both of my girls have been sick this past week and I'm just hoping and praying that I don't get it next.

Good luck with your new job!


Jenn said...

Congrats on the promotion--and hope that you're feeling better soon.

Andie D. said...


The last promotion I got took me from an office out onto the floor in the smallest cube. Smaller than the others BY HALF!

Lots of free dinners though. ;)

You ARE lucky that your mom is there. Hope you're feeling better soon. Please buy your mom a thank you card and/or flowers. Or send her my way and I'll throw in chocolates!

theflyingmum said...

You know, I'm going to remember this post, that you said you're glad that your mom lives close by, and that she helps you out when you're sick. Because I want to be that kind of mom too. My own mom lives a little over an hour away, and would not volunteer her services if she lived closer. She's a great mom, and I love her dearly, she just isn't that kind of mom. Ah, well, thanks. And congratulations on the promotion!