Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sleeping children

I was watching the monster as he slept the other night, and my mind wandered down the road to the future. What is he going to be like as a school boy, as a teenager, as an adult. What would our relationship be like? Is he going to stay here, live far away, or be a rock star. What sports will he play, what groups would he join, what passions will he cultivate.

Every night, before I go to bed, I go into each of my children's room and give them a kiss on the forehead. And many nights, I stand there and stare at their sleeping faces. Such peacefulness and beauty. I love them so much, and in those moments, I feel it so strongly. I imagine them as they were, just tiny little babes, cute little toddlers.

I remember Bug as a blond hair toddler, a child that had to create a nest before she would finally crash, hours after bed time. I remember a tough little tomboy in jeans and tshirts standing a foot shorter than everyone else, but making up for it with her big attitude. And I picture her now, the just turned teenager, enjoying her year of being on top of the middle school pile. I think about what high school is going to be like for her, what colleges she might choose, what she wants to be as she continues to grow.

I remember PB as the baby that hated to sleep (nothing has changed on that front) and she could entertain herself for hours in her crib. She wasn't mad about being in the crib, but she wasn't going to fall asleep. And then as a toddler, so independent. She has the most amazing blue eyes, and with her little ponytails, she looked like a doll. Now she's a tough little school girl, who loves making cards and gifts for her teachers and girl scout leader, and who spends the majority of her time drawing, coloring and otherwise crafting. She's the rule follower...and don't you dare break them.

I have so many memories of my babies, and even though I'm looking forward to seeing who they become, I sure do wish they would grow up a little slower.

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Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean... my oldest is going to be 6! this week and my baby will be 2! in April! I love to watch them sleeping and my heart wells up so much that I think it will burst. It seems like just yesterday that I gave birth to each of them.