Tuesday, October 02, 2012


There are so many things every day that I think I will write about, but I never do.  I'm not confident enough in my voice any longer.  I'm floundering with who I am.  I'm working on finding that confidence, so I'm forcing myself to write for now.

Most people make resolutions and changes on New Year's Day.  I feel that resolve in the Fall, when it's back to school.  I purge and clean, buying new notebooks and calendars, resolving to do better at staying organized this year.  It very rarely works, but I enjoy it none-the-less.  I have been on a cleaning/purging binge though, and my house is feeling better for it.

How about you?  Does your fresh start come in January or September?

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BeachMama said...

Dear sweet Mamalang! If I could only purge my house I would be a happier woman! I find I want to do it in Fall too with back to school. We (Hubby) did the kids rooms and I did the main floor, now for my office, gah!!!!