Saturday, August 11, 2012

Not so out of my element

So a few weeks ago, I mentioned that the hubs and I were working at a music festival in our hometown. And it was an amazing event.

The inaugural Firefly Music Festival  was a great weekend full of music and interesting sights. The entire weekend went by in a flash, but glimpses of it will have to keep me moving towards next years event.

It sounds funny to say that it was a peaceful event, since the music was anything but peaceful.  But it really seemed that everyone there just wanted to enjoy some great music.  While I saw a lot of interesting sights, and yes, I probably even silently thought they were crazy, there was an overwhelming attitude of acceptance.  Maybe we were all on a contact (or non-contact) high, but the craziness just made it more fun.

There were people with hula hoops, butterfly wings, and crazy hats.  There was a guy in a speedo, a guy dressed as a Hooter's girl, people in banana and taco costumes, people that hadn't bathed all weekend, and people dressed like they were about to get on a yacht.  But when the music played, it didn't matter.

I worked behind the main stage, and got to see and chat with quite a few artists.  Imagine Dragons were awesome performing, and they were great backstage as well.  The Flaming Lips are true entertainers, and I loved watching them walk by.  Fitz and the Tantrums rocked the stage, and they were rocking backstage as well.  I discovered Mayer Hawthorne, and loved him.  Grouplove, Ok Go, and many more.  But the best shows of the weekend?  The Black Keys on Sunday night was awesome.  Everyone knew it was the last moments, and the crush of people was amazing.  I've been in large groups before that sucked, but this group was of one mind...rock out and suck the last bit of enjoyment from the weekend.

But even better was the Killers show on Saturday night.  They ROCKED.  Fireworks, great music, beautiful weather.  It was everything that it should have been.

The hubs and I have already purchased our tickets for next year, and I'm hoping we can arrange to take our kids.  No volunteering next year...I plan on rocking at every show I can.

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