Thursday, July 19, 2012

Out of my element.

So, there's this huge new music festival being held where I live this weekend, and the hubs and I decided to sign up to volunteer. We paid our paltry fee, ($20 compared to $218 for a ticket) and have been waiting with a mixture of worry and excitement.

We were told to expect an email mid June with our job assignments. A few weeks after that, we finally received said notification...floaters. WTH? Oh well, as long as I didn't end up with trash duty I was fine.

Today we went to credentialing to check in. And man did we score in the job area. I am a traffic control specialist. I will be handling the golf cart traffic behind the main stage. I will get to work with the production team and see the main stage artists before and after they go onstage. The hubs gets to be a VIP area clicker. He's basically a bouncer for the VIP area where he can watch the shows.

We live just a few miles away, so we plan to go home and sleep every night. But when they offered free camp sites, we thought it might be wise to snag one for a base camp during the day. Setting up the tent tonight made me feel old. An a bit nostalgic. But then I realize that my age may have helped me score the better placement and I'm all good with it.

I'm mostly an introvert. I hate small talk. The Internet is one of my favorite places to meet people since I can get all the awkward out of the way without the face to face scariness. This whole weekend will be a step outside my comfort zone. Bring it on.

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