Thursday, July 09, 2009

LIfe is throwing me lemons

And a few of them are unbloggable, which sucks. Because not only are they the things that are sucking down my time so that I can't blog, but then I can't even use them for blog fodder.  Yuck.

My mom was rear-ended a few weeks ago, and yesterday her transmission went out in her van.  Luckily, some good samaritans helped push her out of the street and into a dealership parking lot, but they were 45 minutes away from home.  And they were taking my grandmother for eye surgery in that town.  So I had to leave work, grab Monster and head down to get them there on time.  This relayed into a whole evening, night and morning of handling all of this.  There are hilarious and not so hilarious stories to tell, but since they involve others, I can't really share them here.  But it meant I might have had free time that could have been used to blog, but no internet access in which to connect to this blog.  Oh yay.

I just have to share that at 3:30 this morning, I believe my grandmother thought that the dresser in the room would move if she just kept beating her walker against it.  Over and over again.  Never mind that the bathroom wasn't even that way.  By the time I woke up enough to realize that she was stuck, my mom had already grabbed her and directed her the right way.  Luckily she didn't wake up the boy attached to my side sound asleep.

It reminded my of my other grandparents blind dog.  If someone left a chair out, she would repeatedly walk into it, instead of going around it.

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