Sunday, December 17, 2006

Birthday bash hangover

How is that I didn't imbibe of one alcoholic beverage yesterday, but I woke up with a hangover that rivals some of my college days?

Yesterday was my son's 4th birthday. I can't believe that my baby is 4...he's such a little man now, instead of a baby. We had his "friend" birthday party at a local kids destination in the early afternoon, and then the family came over last night for the "family" celebration. My kids make out for birthdays...sometimes they end up spanning a week long period trying to get everyone together. This year, the monster's fell on Saturday, so it was an all day gluttony of cake and gifts. But he was happy, and when he went to bed, he told us it was the best birthday ever...that brought a big smile to mama's face!

Today we went and bought our Christmas Tree!!! It will be put up today, lit tomorrow, and decorated Tues. This is our first Christmas in our home, and I'm so excited! We have a few decorations done this year, but next year, watch out! I can start buying stuff without worrying about where it will go if we move again, so the buying fest will begin the day after Christmas.

What about you, do you go all out decorating, or is Christmas just a tree in your house?


Girl con Queso said...

We just finished decorating too. Merry Christmas! And good luck with that hangover!

Kristen said...

This year we put up garland at Bryce's request, but the past few years to keep things simple, we've just done a tree. As the kids get older we'll try to do more. Happy birthday to your big four-year-old!

theflyingmum said...

We have decorations, but I got myself invoved in "projects" this year, so it will likely be just a tree. I have some gorgeous ornaments that I have collected in my travels over the years though!