Monday, October 30, 2006

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I love fall, and Halloween. I hate Daylight Savings Time in general, but I absolutely adore that extra hour in the night (I'm a huge fan of's one of my favorite past times.) Unfortunately, October is always one of the busiest months for our family. And that usually means very little time for the fun part of October. So that's why we were carving our pumpkins at 7:30 last night...crazy, I know, but the only spare time we have. So there I was, trying so hard to be in the moment and not worry about the time. And I managed to hold off the bed time stress until 8:25....I'm so proud!!!

My MIL goes in for her lumpectomy tomorrow. I've hesitated to write too much about this, as I feel very strongly that this is her story, not mine. But I also can't help but worry, and hope, and pray that all is okay. I was a little angry that they would schedule on Halloween...but sooner is better, so Halloween it will be.

I've decided to take the challenge for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month.) Let's see if I can manage to post at least one thing a day for the entire month!

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Anonymous said...

Hi MamaLang-
I can't believe that anyone would steal your blog! Well, yes I can (in this day and age I'll believe almost anything)... but it's still terrible! :o(

I know what you mean about Daylight Savings Time. I absolutely hate it. I do not like when it stays light until nearly 10:00 at night. And even "falling back" and gaining that extra hour messes up my internal clock for several days. But, that's the government for you!

I will keep your MIL in my thoughts for tomorrow.