Sunday, December 16, 2012

Double Digits for the baby

Today my little boy turned 10. He's no longer the little baby with chubby thighs, or the toddler with a crazy menagerie of imaginary friends.  He's not even a little kid anymore.  He's entered the world of tweendom, and every moment I see the changes.  I've always watched the aging of my children with a combination of glee, excitement and dread.  I love them as their little selves, all cute and cuddly and innocent, but I've learned that I love them as their older selves as well.  I love see the lovely young adults they turn into, and enjoy having more grown up conversations with them.  But today I enjoyed the simple joy of a boy turning 10, and being showered with love by his whole family.  Because he is love and light and joy, and he deserves the best of days.  I thank the Universe, God, and whomever else I can think of for giving me this unexpected present every single day.

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Victoria Adams said...

hello! i found your blog through wouldacoulda. i think i love it!