Friday, March 09, 2012

Life on the daisy

I know that it probably seems like the only posts I publish are paid book reviews any more.  I'm really trying to work more on that.  I plan on sharing some non-paid book reviews as well!

It's difficult to write about our daily lives now.  My daughters are 18 and 13 and the baby is 9!  They have their own stories, and I'm careful with what I share about them here.  And in all honesty, they are good kids.  The temper tantrums and battle of wills are few and far between nowadays, and of course, I've learned to let more go.

I always sort of dreaded the teenage years.  The eye rolling and knowing more than you.  Don't get me wrong, I own up that I totally deserved whatever came my way...I thrived on correcting my mom when I was younger. But surprisingly, I'm loving the teenage years.  I'm seeing the fruits of all those years of dealing with the temper tantrums and battles, and I'm enjoying them.  They are mostly sweet, with the occasional twang.  My girls are friends not just with each other, but with each other's friends.  They enjoy spending time together.  They include their brother when appropriate, even though he can be an annoying pest at times.  They both have a good group of friends, and those friends have parents I like.  They get good grades, they are home when they are supposed to be, and they are where they say they will be.  I am blessed and I know it.  I also make sure that they understand that they have more freedom and opportunities because they have earned my trust.

The Monster is a typical 9 year old boy.  He still loves me with all his might, and even when he's mad at me he can't resist a good hug.  It pains me at times to see how big he is getting...those teen years are coming fast at me with him.

My job is frustrating a lot of the time right now, with the occasional rewarding moment.  We've made some new friends, and spring is hopefully arriving.  Life is good on the Daisy right now.

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