Thursday, March 08, 2012

BHBC: Diary of a Mad Fat Girl

What's a girl to do when her two best friends get themselves into trouble?  Rescue them, of course.

Graciela "Ace" Jones has loved the same boy since she was eleven, and still has the same best friends since then.  When one friend is fired over false accusations, and the other hits a personal crisis, Ace finds herself in several interesting situations trying to help her friends right the wrongs that have been done to them.

I very much enjoyed Diary of a Mad Fat Girl.  I could relate to the characters and laughed out loud at some of the situations Ace and friends found themselves in.  The only thing that bothered me was when Ace referred to herself as fat.  I understand that most of what she talked about was real, but while I could relate to the words she was saying, ultimately, I revert to the picture on the front of the book, and that looks like a healthy woman's legs to me.  Maybe that isn't what Stephanie McAfee had in mind when she imagined Ace, but that is what is in my mind as I read the book.  As someone who has struggled with weight issues, and the negative self-talk that follows, for most of her teenage and adult life, I hate when I read or hear other people disparaging someone who isn't really heavy.

I'm hoping there will be more stories from Stephanie McAfee, maybe even involving some of the characters from Diary of a Mad Fat Girl.

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