Wednesday, September 09, 2009

counting down

I feel as if I am counting down for a million things right now.  My hubby is coming home soon, my daughter is turning 11, we are going to Disney, we are celebrating making it through 12 years of marriage (really? 12? wow...), and Bug's 16th birthday.  That's all in the next 6 weeks.  And that doesn't include the counting down I'm doing just to get through each day.

A sample of our schedules this week...
Meet with Monster's teacher after school at 4:00
Pick up Monster from after school care at 4:50
Pick up PB from field hockey at 5:00
Hope MIL remembered to pick up Bug from Marching Band at 5:10, while driving PB to Horseback riding lessons, which start a 5:30.  Drop her off, reminding her that MIL is picking her up.
Drive Monster to Martial Arts at 6:05
Martial Arts over at 6:35, head to MIL's for dinner.  Realize she forgot she had to pick up PB, so run there to pick her up.
Finally sit down to eat dinner at 7:30.  Take everyone home, get them ready for bed, good night.

This is also the week that we start leaving the house very early.  PB has to be at school by 7:00 for band and choir, and Bug by 7:15.  I spend almost 13 hours away from my house every day this week and next, and all I want is to shut the front door and cry uncle.

So I'm here, and as always, my head is spinning.  Several Presidential Speeches, Japan, military name it and it's there.  But it has to wait, as I have to go to bed now.

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BeachMama said...

Which Disney are you going to?? We are going to DisneyLand a week from Saturday. WE aren't going to be crossing paths all the way across the country are we?