Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Finding myself on Pinterest

Uhm, so yeah, hi!  If you are here from Pinterest, welcome.  I'm sort of in shock here.

I'm not a very good blogger.  I enjoy messing around on here, and I have lots of ideas of things to share, but rarely find the time.  I happened to do a post on my solution for my jewelry, and holy cow, it somehow started getting pinned.

So I apologize for the not so pretty pictures on that post.  I work with the tools I have.  Since this blog brings in less than $100 a year in advertising and book club posts, I don't have the time and money to devote to pretty pictures and expensive equipment.  But I enjoy sharing and I will continue to do so.

And I'm still in shock.  I feel like hunching my shoulders and blushing and kicking the dirt in embarrassment :)

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