Friday, April 20, 2012

Give a little?

Today, via Girls Gone Child, I found another adoption story with a Paypal donation button.  And while I don't begrudge people trying to raise money for their adoptions, sometimes the growing trend of Paypal donation buttons can get a little tiring.  But I clicked over to the persons blog to read their story.  And I found out that this family is different.

First, I read about baby Elvie here.  Then I did a little clicking around, and discovered this page.  And what an amazing idea.  Instead of asking you to just GIVE them money, they are asking you to "loan" them the money.  You wont' get your money back, but instead, they will make a "loan" payment each month to a charity that their readers vote on.  Go, read.  I'll wait.

This is what people should be doing.  I know that not every person is in the position to make the loan payments at the time they are asking for funds, but so many come across as nothing more than begging.  How refreshing to find someone committed to making the world a better place in a financially responsible way.

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