Thursday, August 27, 2009

Linky love and Random Thoughts...

  • I posted a new giveaway over at my review blog.  Seriously, you could win!  Odds are good!
  • I tweeted about a real estate agent carrying her dog while showing houses on House Hunters last night.  I now have around 10 new followers, all Real Estate Agents.  I'm not looking for a house...Seriously.
  • We're going to see Brittany Spears Saturday Sunday (we being my girls, my sil and I).  I'm not sure how I feel about this, other than thank goodness they were free tickets or we wouldn't be going.  We are also going to Ikea, which I have never been to.  I'm excited about that!
  • My husband is coming home in the next 60 days.  At last.  And we go to Disney just after that.  YAY!
  • I forgot to adjust my alarm for school time, then slept through it when it did go off.  That meant that I woke up as we were supposed to be leaving the house.  I still managed to get everyone to school on time, and I am showered and dressed appropriately.  I had to buy lunch, and I was 30 min late, but all in all I'm good.

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Faye said...

Hey Mamalang! This is so strange! I was just thinking about you last week and hoping all is well with you but couldn't remember your blog address. Then I see it on the Fun Monday signup! So glad to read that your husband will be home in the next two months--wonderful news!