Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Giving back

I've often lamented that the oldest child doesn't really get how blessed she is. Tonight, she was watching the "Idol Gives Back" show with me. Ellen suggested that the kids watching tell their parents that they would donate $1 if the parents donated the other $9. My daughter donated $5 of her own...and sat and figured out what that would buy for these kids. She may not get how lucky and blessed she is, but at least she's willing to share it.

Of course, I'm a drippy mess watching these sorts of shows. The mother in me wants to scoop up all those babies and hug them tight and tell them everything will be okay. I used to volunteer my time locally, but as the babies came and grew and my life was so busy, it fell to the wayside. Tonight I was moved to find a way to volunteer that can include my kids. The things we do at church and school and work just aren't enough. We are so blessed, we've come from nothing, worked hard, and now we are living the good life. Now I have to give back.


Jenn said...

Your child being so thoughtful says so much about are giving back.

Anonymous said...

So, did you come up with anything yet? I too feel like I don't do nearly enough to "give back," but I tend to be lazy in my efforts to help in other ways...

I admire your desire to do more! Your daughter certainly gets it!!